Secure payments

On the online store, each purchase is made with maximum security. We only use protected connections, as evidenced by the "https" URL prefix and the padlock symbol that appears in the browser's address bar.
Newtone reserves the right to refuse to honor any order from a User with whom it is in dispute, of any nature whatsoever.

Payment on our site is managed by Shopify Payment and Payal , leaders in online payment in the world and used by hundreds of websites in France.

- Shopify Payment relies on the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted exchange protocol and provides all the necessary assurances for Internet transactions. The integrity of the data exchanged between the Buyer and the secure Shopify Payment platform is protected against hacking attempts. Confidential data is directly transmitted encrypted to the Shopify Payment server, without ever passing through Newtone servers.

- Paypal allows you to carry out online transactions without having to provide your bank details. Once registered, you only have to give your email address and password to pay for your purchases or make a transfer, which is a real time saver.

Your banking information remains private All payment information goes through Stripe's servers. No credit card information appears on our site, we never have access to it.


We offer you payment in 4 installments free of charge with Paypal with no minimum purchase.

To take advantage of this ease of payment, choose the Paypal payment method once in your basket, you will be redirected directly to the Paypal platform in which payment in 4 installments free of charge will be offered to you, your request will be verified and you will be able to finalize your payment. If you do not have a Paypal account, you must create one to benefit from this payment facility.

1 . Choose Paypal as payment method
2 . Payment in 4x will be displayed if it is available for your account, and if you have not reached your payment limit: select it.
3 . Your request is verified in real time for a response within seconds.
4 . Finalize payment


The Paypal payment solution 4 times without fees allows you to spread your purchase over three monthly payments, subject to acceptance by Paypal .
It is therefore the platform which processes the requests. The response is immediate. If the payment in 4 installments does not appear when paying via Paypal, it is often because you have reached your payment limit: increase it via your bank account or contact Paypal: It is of course necessary to have a Paypal account associated with a verified payment method.

We accept the majority of bank cards

We accept VISA and Mastercard. However, we do not yet accept American Express cards.