Our history

Since 2017

Newtone is a brand steeped in American second-hand clothes , road movies and rock music from the 70s . Since 2017, Yohann and Julien, two brothers, have proudly presented their creations of tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, dresses, etc. vintage style , for women.
And since 2024, for men...

This garment is made with a unique artisanal dyeing technique and specific treatment; your NEWTONE piece made with this dyeing process may bleed onto lighter clothing. Each NEWTONE product is a unique and collector's item which will acquire a patina over time, giving it its very particular and inimitable character. Therefore, it is recommended to wash your NEWTONE product separately, inside out and only by hand.

“Welcome to the Newtone© universe, where the story is told through each fit, each graphic and each badge”

In our workshop , we give free rein to our imagination to design and create the graphics that adorn each of our pieces. Each choice of material is carefully studied to guarantee optimal quality. And to give an authentic touch to our garments, we use specific dyeing and processing techniques to create a faux-aged print.

Each graphic is meticulously printed on the textile with great attention to detail , because we believe that the quality of the print is essential for an impeccable end result. Additionally, our passion for details is also reflected in creating unique badges for each piece. These badges are carefully added by hand , bringing a touch of originality and personality to each item.

At Newtone©, we pride ourselves on mastering every aspect of our production process , from design to final production. It is this total involvement which gives our clothes a distinctive aura, an urban style that is both relaxed and resolutely seventies .

“What sets Newtone© apart is our total commitment to each stage of the creative process”